Rez Life is the motto and mantra of the Barnett Reservoir Foundation. We are all about community and enjoying the resources of the Reservoir. We are dedicated to enhancing and improving the quality of life for residents and providing recreational activities for visitors. Our mission is to create a place that everyone can love and enjoy. From our events and places to the wildlife that lives in and on our shores, life on the reservoir is never boring. Rez Life is not just an organization or a group, but it is a way of life.

Board Members

Dale Shepherd

Mark Williams

Pam Reeves
Vice President

Rayford Hudson

Lenny Barnhill

Susan Brashear

Jody Harper

Todd Macko

Don Thompson

Bill Blackwell

Paul Chamblee

Jay Jenkins

Johnny Maloney

Kerry Brashear

Bobby Cleveland

Joseph LaSalla

Jeff Roberts

Charter Members

Bank Plus

Don Thompson

Main Harbor Development

Buddy Deweese

Dustin Jones

Southern Tractor

Buddy Medlin

Johnny Maloney

Terry Hester

Platinum Members

Climate Masters

Pelahathie Bay Trading Post

Main Harbor Store

Overlook HOA

Gold Members

Reservoir Mini Storage

Silver Members

American Legion

John Arledge


Northbay HOA

Jackson Yacht Club

Northwest Rankin Athletic Association